Professor Domingos Farinho, from the ALF partner institution – Lisbon Public Law Research Centre from the University of Lisbon School of Law, has held an Additional Course within the Master in European Integration at the Faculty of Law University of Belgrade. The course, spanning five days from April 8th to April 12th 2024, attracted over 40 participants from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, including Serbia, Brazil, and China. The topic of the course was on the “Regulation of Digital Content through Online Service Providers“.

A cornerstone of the Course was the exploration of the new legal framework within the European Union for regulating online service providers, particularly under the recently enacted Digital Services Act (DSA), which officially came into force on February 17th, 2024.

Participants were given a unique opportunity to dvelve into the complexities of the DSA, gaining insights into its alignment with the principles enshrined in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. Through Professor Farinho’s critical analysis, attendees gained a understanding of the legal procedures and regulations prescribed by the DSA, particularly concerning the dynamics between online service providers and their users.

Professor Farinho expressed his satisfaction with the course’s outcomes, deeming it a resounding success. He eagerly anticipates the prospect of returning to Belgrade for future engagements under the ALF Center for Legal Fundamentals auspices, underscoring the positive impact and enduring relevance of such educational initiatives.

ADDITIONAL COURSE – Regulation of Digital Content through Online Service Providers