On the 23rd of February 2024 the ALF Center for Legal Fundamentals, in cooperation with faculties of law in Zagreb, Osijek and Sarajevo, organized a conference “On the Shoulders of Giants – History and Development of Legal Fundamentals in the 20th and 21st Century in the Ex-Yugoslavian Region”, at the Faculty of Law University of Belgrade.
The conference consisted of two parts. The first part was devoted to experiences and bibliography research done by professors and librarians from the aforementioned institutions, while the second part was devoted to young researchers at the ALF project.
Opening remarks were given by prof. Bojan Spaić, coordinator of the ALF project, after which member of the academic staff prof. Goran Dajović and dr Branka Dragosavac deputy Head of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law library, spoke about the current state of affairs of legal fundamentals in Serbian bibliography. Following presentations were delievered by prof. Ivana Tucak and Ljiljana Šiber, from the Faculty of Law University of Josip Jurja Strossmayer in Osijek, as well as by Dragutin Nemec, from the Faculty of Law University of Zagreb. Lastly, prof. Damir Banović and Mirela Rožajac Zulčić, from the Faculty of Law University of Sarajevo, gave an outline of the Bosnia and Hercegovina’s bibliography in the same field. These presentations were followed by a discussion of all present academic members and librarians.
In the end, Svan Relac (Faculty of Law University of Zagreb) and ALF young academic researchers and PhD candidates, Mila Đorđević, Marija Vlajković, Ana Zdravković and Sava Vojnović gave a short overview of the domestic literature regarding legal fundamentals and their PhD theses.