ALF Academic Scholarships were granted for the second time! ALF Academic members, Ana Zdravković and Mila Đorđević visited Genoa (Italy) and spent three weeks at the Tarello Institute for Legal Theory. During their stay, they worked on their PhD thesis with the help of their supervisors: prof. Alessio Sardo and prof. Andrej Kristan. Also, they have participated in lectures organized at the Institute ,,Artificial Intelligence in (the Place of) Law“ given by prof. Gerald Postema,  as well as prof. Philipp Rode’s lecture ,,Cities in the 2020s From Solutionism to Working with Complexity“ at the Bocconi University. In their free time, Mila and Ana were discovering gems of the Ligurian coast, practicing their Italian, and making new friends among fellow PhD Scholars at Tarello Institute.