WP7 main objectives are to: 1) Foster academic networking and enhancing reputation of Belgrade; 2) Facilitate exchange of ideas between scholars from Belgrade (and Western Balkans) and European and international scholars; 3) Facilitate exchange of ideas between scholars belonging to different fields on foundational pillars of law and new fields connected to them; 4) Actively involve legal experts, public officials, and decision makers by means of dedicated training sessions; 5) Make the project read media and, hence, stimulate debates in civil society; 6) Coordinate the instrumental activities needed to disseminate the results of the project; 7) Create and manage the project online platform; and 8) Collect publications, events, and news (either from the project and/or the Partner Institution activities, etc.) on the project online platform.

Target/stakeholders: I) Belgrade Affiliated Staff (Scholars); II) Non-Belgrade Affiliated Scholars; III) Scientific communities; IV) Jurists in a wide sense; V) General Public.


T.7.1. Creation and updating of communication materials: The creation of all communication materials from ALF Project, including information about aims, academic and administrative activities, newly created offices and centres, newly created reading and research groups, etc. They will be created based on the outputs from other WPs. Videos about the activities carried out during the project will be disseminated through ALF-WP and ALF-OSN.

T.7.2. Creation and management (review and update) of the ALF Dissemination and Exploitation Plan: The creation of a DE&P to better specify all the activities and the targets of the dissemination actions, as well as to prepare the route for future exploitation of project results (for its detailed concept and content, see point 2.2.1).

T.7.3. Creation of ALF Data Management Plan: Drafting ALF-DMP will allow support to the data management life cycle for all research data that will be re-used, collected, and generated by the project. The DMP will include details about the nature, the format and size of data and it will explain how they will be handled, organised, and shared during the project and after its completion. The DMP will follow the EU guidelines and will highlight how the project management of research data complies with the FAIR principles.

T.7.4. Identification of relevant non-Belgrade stakeholders and creation of Data Base: The creation of a database of information on all the academic institutions and external stakeholders that may potentially show interest in ALF’s activities, as well as in future collaborations, to make the network sustainable even after the end of the project. The DB will be enriched during ALF and used for all communication and dissemination purposes.

T.7.5. ALF Project Platform (formal dissemination): The objective will be the creation of ALF Project Web Platform (ALF-WP). For complete information about ALF-WP, see point 2.2.1, C.2).

T.7.6. Social Network Presence (informal dissemination): The objective will be the creation of ALF Project Official Social Networks (ALF-OSN). For complete information about ALF-WP, see point 2.2.1, C.3).

T.7.7. Evaluating and potentially implementing training activities targeting non-researcher stakeholders: The objective will be, first, evaluate the possibility to implementing direct training activities – such as workshops – targeting non-researcher stakeholders such as jurist in a wide sense (judges, layers, legal authorities, etc.). Evaluation will be done by members of BGL and will consider establishing collaborations with public and private related institutions. If the evaluation is positive, potential direct training activities will be organised by the BGL in potential collaboration with those public and private related institutions.

T.7.8. Organisation of Final International Conference in Belgrade: The Final International Conference will address researchers, scholars, and students (both affiliated or not to Belgrade) but will be open to jurists in a wide sense and the public. It will address topics and research results from WP3, WP4, WP5 and WP6, and it will take place in Belgrade at the end of Year 3. As a perfect occasion to raise the academic profile of the University of Belgrade in both the international community of scholars working on these topics and in the national and regional community of non-scholars, Belgrade scholars (especially early-career ones) will be represented among the speakers. To guarantee maximum dissemination, the conference will be streaming through ALF-WP and ALF-OSN.