On the 17th of May 2023, PhD students and early-career researchers at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law, Marija Vlajkovic and Sava Vojnovic have been granted scholarships for a research stay at the Tarello Institute for Legal Philosophy (Istituto Tarello per la Filosofia del Diritto) in Genoa, Italy. The scholarships are provided by the Center for Legal Fundamentals (CLF) within the ALF (Advancing Cooperation on the Foundations of Law) project. The aim of their research stay is to improve personal knowledge and skills about law and language. During their stay at the Tarello Institute in June and July 2023, Sava and Marija will attend lectures and follow a residential course as part of a master’s program “Global Rule of Law and Constitutional Democracy”. They will also work on their PhD thesis and research papers: Marija Vlajković will work on a Chapter “EU Rule of Law backsliding as part of the Constitutional crises in the EU” as part of her PhD thesis titled “Adaptation of the Bases of the National Legal System in the Perspective of Serbia’s Accession to the EU: Contribution to the Study of the Relationship Between the EU Law and Constitutional Law”, while Sava will be working on his doctoral thesis project “Naturalization of Legal Theory”, as well as on his scientific paper “Forerunners of Realism in Political Theory”.

The research stay is part of the execution of the Work Package 4, which aims at gaining a comprehensive overview on the topic of the language of law (led by the University of Genoa), and more specifically of the task WP 4.8. that is established especially for the purpose of the improvement of personal knowledge and skills through a visit and interaction with the Genoa University professors, as well as other guest lecturers.