As part of the ALF project Work Package 3 “The Logic of Law”, ALF partner institution – University of Lisbon is inviting all interested students and researchers to join and participate in online courses on Law and Logic, within the Lisbon Public Law Research Academy.

ALF WP3 is meant to offer both basic and advanced knowledge on classic and new logics, as well as topics related to logic applied to law, such as nonmonotonic reasoning, and defeasibility of rules, and offer a systematic method for logical and legal argument analysis.

Three online courses on the aforementioned topic are envisaged: one in the first semester (Intro to Propositional Logic) and two in the second semester (Modal Logic and Application of Logic to Law).

The first course (Intro to Propositional Logic) will be held by Dr. Bruno Jacinto and will start on October 31st 2023.

For more information on the courses, see:

You may register for the courses of Law and Logic via the following link: