Belgrade Legal Philosophy Week – ALF Academic Kickoff Meetings

Advancing cooperation on the foundations of law Academic Kickoff Meeting(s) will take place on the 28th of November at the Faculty of Law University of Belgrade. The scientific project staff will discuss the implementation of the ALF project, agree on the dynamics of the project activities, agree on the details of work plans, networking, and dissemination. The schedule of the meeting will be the following:

Tuesday November 28th
WP3 Law and Language Academic Kickoff


  • Senior staff: Andrej Kristan, Hrafn Asgeirsson, Pedro Moniz Lopes, Bojan Spaić
  • Junior staff: Ana Zdravković
  • Administrative staff: Vanja Eror

Monday November 29th
WP5 Law and Practical Rationality Academic Kickoff


  • Senior staff: Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco, Jorge Sampaio, Goran Dajović
  • Junior staff: Sava Vojnović
  • Administrative staff: Petar Pavlovic

Wednesday November 30th
WP4 Law and Logic Academic Kickoff


  • Senior staff: David Duarte, Giovanni Battista Ratti, Miodrag Jovanović
  • Junior staff: Mila Đorđević
  • Administrative staff: Miona Vukanić