Project coordinator and philosophy of law professor Bojan Spaić has recently finished teaching the first part of the course on Legal Argumentation and Economic analysis of law for students in the second year of legal studies at the University Bocconi in Milan. The course is led by prof. Giovanni Tuzet teaching the Economic Analysis of Law part of the course.

The course aims at fostering students’ skills in legal argument and economic analysis. The first part of the course presents the main argumentative and interpretive techniques used in legal practice and some models of justification of judicial decisions. Judicial opinions of the US Supreme Court, European Court of Human Rights, International Court of Justice, Permanent Court of Arbitration, and Italian courts, as well as rules regulating interpretation, are subject to analysis in classes. The second part of the course presents the main tools and claims of the economic analysis of law. It discusses, in particular, the economic approach to property law, tort law, and contracts. Overall, the mission of the course is to teach students to “think like a lawyer” and provide an understanding of the economic issues in law.

The long-term collaboration between the Philosophy of Law at Bocconi University and the Philosophy of law at the Faculty of the Law University of Belgrade will continue in the winter semester of 2023. Giovanni Tuzet will participate at the AI and Philosophy of Law Conference organized within the Belgrade Philosophy of Law Week. Prof. Damiano Canale will hold a Belgrade Legal Theory Group Meeting in December. Both events will be promoted on the ALF pages soon.