The end of the year 2022 was marked by exciting ALF Project all-week events, at the Faculty of Law University of Belgrade under the name of “Belgrade Legal Philosophy Week”. BLPW consisted of three Jurisprudence Jam Sessions, the 9th Student Conference in Theory and Philosophy of Law, three Kick-off Meetings and two administrative workshops.

Kick-off Meetings were organized in three days at the Faculty of Law University of Belgrade and each day was reserved for one partner at the project, together with every member of the Belgrade ALF Team. On November 28th, the Kick-off Meeting was held with the Genova Team, which includes Andrej Kristan, Alessio Sardo, Julieta Rabanos, Claudia Sanquineti and Mariapaola Moreno. Another participant was Hrafn Asgeirsson, from the University of Surrey. The implementation of the ALF project was discussed and the teams agreed on the dynamics of the project activities and the details of work plans, networking, and dissemination.

The second Kick-off Meeting was organized on the second day of BLPW (November 29th) with the University of Surrey and Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco and Hrafn Asgeirsson as the representatives. One of the conclusions of the meeting was that the young scholars and researchers from University of Belgrade will be integrated in activities of University of Surrey, such as attending conferences and seminars, and discussing their Ph.D. theses with their menthors.

The last Kick-off Meeting was held online with partners from the University of Lisbon, including David Duarte, Pedro Moniz Lopes, Jorge Sampaio and Cesar Davila. One of the topics of the meeting was organization of the Law Summer School and “Law and Logic” Conference in Lisbon as well as other possible activities in the future.

With Belgrade Legal Philosophy Week, the beginning of the ALF Project was fully launched!