This year’s UniGe Jam sessions organized by the Tarello Institute, and supported by the ALF project took place at at the Palazzo dell’Albergo dei Poveri, Genova on the 27th and 28th of June 2024. The two day event was centered around the topic “Two forms of Legal Positivism” and gathered presentations and discussants from the ALF Uni Genoa and ALF Uni Belgrade teams aside other distinguished participants in legal philosophy.

During the second day of the UniGe Jam sessions, two ALF team members from the University of Belgrade presented at the Palazzo dell ‘Albergo dei Poveri. ALF academic member and coordinator, Professor Miodrag Jovanovic presented Joseph Raz’s views of international law, especially from the perspective of authority, by analyzing not only his scholarly work, but by offering a holistic perspective through other sources, such as his lectures and conference presentations. Post-doc fellow Julieta Rabanos presented her topic “Is (part of) legal philosophy truly based on an error?” offering a comparison of Bulygin’s and Raz’s main theoretical points, such as the notion of normativity, relations between legal philosophy and other fields, legal validity, identification and application of law, as well as reasons for action.