Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA), a regional organization established in 2010 as a joint initiative financed by European Commission and WB administrations organized Training module on Clusters of the Negotiation Chapters with special emphasis on Cluster 1: The Fundamentals from 4th until 6th of June 2024 in Belgrade.

Within the 3-day RESPA training ALF member and young researcher Marija Vlajković held two lectures to the participants, public administration representatives from different ministries and other state administrative state from Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania. During the first lecture titled “What is the Rule of Law- the fundaments?” Marija Vlajković explained the concept of the Rule of Law to allow for a better understanding of the importance of this EU value for the functioning of the EU legal and constitutional order. Marija observed the Rule of Law as one of the pivotal instruments to measure progress in accession negotiations while, at the same time, a stumbling block in further integration of the EU itself. On the second day of the Training, Marija Vlajković gave lecture and presented a brief overview of the Chapter 23- Fundamental Rights. Her focus was on the understanding of fundamental rights and their importance for the functioning of the EU legal and political order. Additionally, Marija presented case law of the Court of Justice of the EU regarding the protection of minority and cultural rights, property rights and EU citizenship, for better understanding of the diversity and outreach of this area.