Workshop for ALF Administrative staff was held at the University of Genova Ricerca Europea office from the 11th until the 14th of July 2023. The Administrative workshop was organized by the administrative staff of the Project Administration Office (Ricerca Europea) of the University of Genova. Three-day workshop was attended by: Andrej Kristan (University of Genova),  Mariapaola Moreno (University of Genova),  Laura Fiorito (University of Genova) and members of Universit of Belgrade Facuty of Law ALF Administrative Team Vanja Eror and Miona Mina Vukanic. During three working days, the attendees had the opportunity to share experience regarding writing and keeping records of activities on the project, as well as financial reporting to the European Commission. Colleagues from Ricerca Europea introduced participants to various European Commission financing programs in the field of science. Finally, all participants learned about the infrastructure and organisation of the activities at the University of Genova related to project administration. Know-how and shared experience acquired at the Workshop will be presented and used for the University of Belgrade project related purposes.